We provide support for people living with dementia in their own homes, or in a care home, to keep people active, stimulated and to help prevent depression and isolation. We have a holistic approach supporting everybody involved including family members, friends and carers.

We work in partnership with care homes to deliver between us the best and most appropriate support. Where people are still in their own homes, we help them continue with their life and routines, giving carers and family the respite they need.

There is a wealth of research that highlights the benefits of stimulation, meaningful engagement and connection with the community. 

WE are passionate about making a difference to peoples lives and very driven by our own personal experiences.

From talking to other families affected, we know that they need specifically tailored support from people who care and understand.

We pride ourselves in providing a friendly and loving support network which offers a bespoke service.

We offer individual based support tailored to your specific needs which includes the following:


Listening to family members and understanding your concerns. 

Support to help keep people active and stimulated and remain as independent as possible. We provide this in people’s own homes and taking them out and about for lunch/dinner or participating in hobbies, social events.

We offer additional support in care homes to help a person be part of the community and maintain an active life.

Read our testimonials and see how Smile TLC has helped families

My beloved wife is in a nursing home because she has advanced frontotemporal dementia. She can do nothing for herself and has lost the use of language. She can however recognise a warm tone of voice and facial expression and she delights in responding in kind. And she revels in one to one attention, especially if accompanied by music. 

I realise the busy nursing home staff have little time for one to one interaction with residents. So I try to be with my wife for a few hours every day providing these stimuli. But remaining outwardly cheerful and positive for her while inwardly sorrowing for what has been lost is an immense strain. TLC helps me cope with this pressure by taking my place once a week, when one of their loving and cheerful carers gives my wife their undivided attention and shares with me photos and videos of her having the time of her life in their company. 

As a result I can take a day off without feeling guilty, and be more able to be better company for my wife when I return. Thank you TLC.

Peter and family. 

Smile TLC have been supporting my elderly parents since Jan 2019 and we think that they’re amazing. They are not only concerned with my Dad who has Alzheimer’s, but also the effect it has on Mum and I as his Carers. They provide support holistically to the three of us. They will do the full range of Carer tasks (driving, shopping, household chores, accompanying to medical appointments, etc). They have a fantastic technical knowledge of the disease. This means that they are excellent at engaging with Dad through songs, reminiscing, etc. They always provide me with written feedback (text or WhatsApp) after a call, which is excellent as neither Mum nor Dad really remember much nowadays. Their hourly rate is amazing value for money. I highly recommend them and commend the excellent work that they do for those with dementia and their families.

Andrew and family

Smile TLC came into our lives recently. The one to one support they provide for our lovely mum is second to none! The ladies are amazing!! They take her out in the car to familiar places that bring back many memories. Their approach stimulates her mind and most of all, they make her laugh. They keep us updated via “what’s app” and send photos of mum enjoying herself. Mum does forget a lot of things but always remembers her days out with Smile TLC. She talks about it for days afterwards! Thank you all for your ‘tender loving care

Joanne and family. 

Smile TLC came in to our lives at the end of last year and thank you doesn’t seem enough to say as to how much they have done for us . They do exactly as they say , give lots of tender loving care and bring smiles back to a family through some of the most difficult times of our lives. They are passionate, kind, caring and thoughtful and look after my mum who has Alzheimer’s with the dignity and respect she deserves.They take both my mum and dad on trips out and have given them back a social life together at fantastic event at Mossley Hill.Seeing my mum and dad laughing , singing and dancing together warms my heart , very emotional but a total delight to see.
I can’t recommend Smile TLC highly enough , when any member of the team is with mum and dad we have total peace of mind that they are in safe capable hands and the worry and stress that we have experienced in the past is totally taken away .
Keep up this amazing work Smile TLC and thank you for continuing to make us smile.
Wendy and family.

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