“Smile & Experience Tender Loving Care”

A Community Interest Company supporting those affected by dementia

Our aim is to be ‘the leading provider of support in the North West for people affected by dementia, helping people to maintain happy and active lives by working with passionate, caring and valued staff’.

Smile TLC was founded in 2017 by Aimee Carson to provide social events in a great setting for people with dementia and their families and friends, this was in response to a real need in Liverpool for support and activities for people living with dementia and their families.

Aimee provided 1:1 support to a family friend who was diagnosed with dementia in 2012.  Aimee witnessed first-hand experience of the enormous stresses, isolation and sadness that this illness can bring to all involved.

Aimee has a tremendous passion for supporting people living with dementia, the social events are in great demand and 1:1 support is being provided to a growing number of people.

Aimee Carson

Founder & Director

I was inspired by a family friend to create an organisation that provides a caring support network for people living with dementia including family,friends and carers.  I believe that people living with dementia should be given the opportunity to carry on doing the things they enjoy. Family members and friends are also hugely affected sometimes emotionally and physically and its important we provide support to everybody involved.
Emotional wellbeing is a very important part of my role,ensuring that people living with dementia receive dignified and caring support,this is best achieved by ensuring that all Smile TLC members are respected, valued and listened to in a safe and caring environment.
I have 2 children, enjoy walks in the countryside, animals, reading and being with friends.

Alan Blower

Operations Support Officer

After spending 21 years working for a FTSE 100 company in various finance departments I decided a change of direction was for me.  I always believed that anything is possible and people could achieve anything, given the right opportunities and support and I have been an advocate of that throughout my life.  I worked for a charity for 8 years, supporting people with learning disabilities and mental health concerns, a job that gave me the opportunity to meet some amazing people and to help them retain their independence, dignity and respect.

Through personal family tragedy I witnessed the effect dementia has, not only the person diagnosed but also the wider effects on family and relationships.  In 2018 I joined TLC and could not be happier.  The difference Smile TLC makes to peoples lives matches my own beliefs, live the life you want, not what is assumed is good for you.

Dignity, respect, fun, happy, smiles, laughter, and that’s just me in my role, but to me this is not a job, it’s a vocation and I have found mine.

I was born in 1972, I am married to Caroline and have 2 children, Jacob & Nathaniel, I love nature, the history of the earth and astronomy.

Jeanette Wright

Senior Support Worker

Due to my own personal experience with dementia I knew that I wanted to help to support others going through the same highs & lows that I had.  So who would’ve thought that a chance conversation would lead me to becoming part of Team Smile TLC.
Through my job I have met some really wonderful people. Those who I have helped to either continue/renew their chance of an active social life, which also gives their carers time for themselves with the knowledge that their family member is with someone who cares 100% & especially Team Smile TLC.  The flexibility of the hours still gives me the chance to have time for my hobbies & interests of mixed media art, going to concerts/theatre, exploring the paranormal cross stitching & Formula 1.
With the help of Team Smile TLC I have more self confidence & knowledge to do 1-1 support with our dementia friends & their families/carers.  We began as individuals with a passion to help families dealing with dementia & have become a team who also support & value each other for their different strengths & capabilities.
Special thanks to Aimee who set up Smile TLC & took the chance to have me as part of her vision for the future of support for families dealing with dementia.

Lynsey Henry

Senior Support Worker

After working in the Civil Service for years I changed direction after seeing how dementia affects so many people of all walks of life and I’m so glad I did as I absolutely love my job with Smile TLC.  Bringing smiles, laughter and joy and enriching a persons life is a privilage. It is incredibly rewarding seeing the difference Smile TLC makes to peoples lives as we all have the same goals and beliefs.
I am married with two children.  In my spare time I like to travel, go to the theatre and watch my beloved Liverpool Football Club.

June Bernicoff

June, thank you for being our Patron, your kindness and love will never be forgotten. You brought smiles & happiness to all that knew you and it was a pleasure to call you our friend. 💙 1937 -2020.

Team Testimonials

“I cared for my uncle when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2005.

Over the years I’ve had ideas about giving 1-1 support to people with Alzheimer’s, their families/carers, as we didn’t have that for Bill.

Then about 2mths ago I heard about Aimee & SmileTLC. After exchanging a few emails & texts we met up for coffee & a chat. I found that Aimee was as passionate about 1-1 support as I was. The difference being Aimee has put her passion into place by starting up TLC.

After having volunteered for my 1st Smile TLC social event last month I met some lovely people who enjoyed the day chatting, singing & dancing. It was wonderful.

Thanks to my ex-colleague, I’ve met a fantastic lady who has given me the chance to fulfil my passion & use my personal experience to support others”

I love working for TLC providing one to one support, I had very little experience of working with people with Dementia and was provided with the necessary training and knowledge to do so by Smile TLC. I don’t even feel like I am going to work everyday, I am visiting friends.

I feel privileged to bring joy, happiness and build relationships with such special people. I leave my visits knowing I have made a positive difference and it’s so rewarding to get some smiles, laughs, dancing and lovely conversation from Our SmileTLC Dementia friends”