Dementia support Merseyside

“Smile & Experience Tender Loving Care”

A Community Interest Company supporting those affected by dementia

Our aim is to be ‘the leading provider of support in the North West for people affected by dementia, helping people to maintain happy and active lives by working with passionate, caring and valued staff’.

Smile TLC was founded in 2017 by Aimee Carson to provide social events in a great setting for people with dementia and their families and friends, this was in response to a real need in Liverpool for support and activities for people living with dementia and their families.

Aimee provided 1:1 support to a family friend who was diagnosed with dementia in 2012.  Aimee witnessed first-hand experience of the enormous stresses, isolation and sadness that this illness can bring to all involved.

Aimee has a tremendous passion for supporting people living with dementia, the social events are in great demand and 1:1 support is being provided to a growing number of people.

Aimee Carson - Founder & Director

I was inspired by a family friend to create an organisation that provides a caring support network for people living with dementia. This includes family, friends and carers. 
I believe that people living with dementia should be given the opportunity to carry on doing the things they enjoy. Family members and friends are also hugely affected sometimes emotionally and physically and its important we provide support to everybody involved.
Emotional wellbeing is a very important part of my role, ensuring that people living with dementia receive dignified and caring support, this is best achieved by ensuring that all Smile TLC members are respected, valued and listened to in a safe and caring environment.
I have two children and enjoy walks in the countryside, animals, reading and being with friends.

Team Testimonials

“I cared for my uncle when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2005.

Over the years I’ve had ideas about giving 1-1 support to people with Alzheimer’s, their families/carers, as we didn’t have that for Bill.

Then about 2mths ago I heard about Aimee & SmileTLC. After exchanging a few emails & texts we met up for coffee & a chat. I found that Aimee was as passionate about 1-1 support as I was. The difference being Aimee has put her passion into place by starting up TLC.

After having volunteered for my 1st Smile TLC social event last month I met some lovely people who enjoyed the day chatting, singing & dancing. It was wonderful.

Thanks to my ex-colleague, I’ve met a fantastic lady who has given me the chance to fulfil my passion & use my personal experience to support others”

“I run my own business, which I took over from my father twenty years ago. He has always been on hand to offer support and advice but in the last few years he has developed dementia.

As well as leaving me in a position of having to make decisions on my own, it has also placed extraordinary demands on a care level and I have struggled to balance my business, home and care needs.

Aimee and her team though have been a Godsend, the support she ha provided and activities have freed up time for me to keep the business going, but more importantly allow my father to live his life not just exist. He is happier, my mother is happier and so am I. Honestly, I  cannot speak highly enough of Smile TLC. “


” I love working for TLC providing one to one support, I had very little experience of working with people with Dementia and was provided with the necessary training and knowledge to do so by Smile TLC. I don’t even feel like I am going to work everyday, I am visiting friends.

I feel privileged to bring joy, happiness and build relationships with such special people. I leave my visits knowing I have made a positive difference and it’s so rewarding to get some smiles, laughs, dancing and lovely conversation from Our SmileTLC Dementia friends”

“One afternoon in May 2022 I went along to donate some raffle prizes at one of Smile TLC’s events at the Mossley Hill Athletic Club.

I was running late and the event had already started. It was fantastic to see the joy on the faces of those present. The singer was performing numbers from the 1960s and so many were up dancing.

I stayed for an hour and enjoyed chatting with care workers who were enjoying this respite and talking to each other, sharing their experiences. I  tried to have a brief chat with Aimee to tell her how impressed I was but it was impossible to strike up any conversation as so many attendees were going up to her to thank her for providing such a great afternoon of entertainment.

For just a couple of hours dementia sufferers were able to have some real enjoyment and relive years gone by, while their relatives and carers had chance to talk to each other and take comfort from the fact they are not alone and there are services out there to help deal with the condition.”